CEC TL5100Z -- repair or replace?

I am the second owner of this piece, which I have been using as a transport for my DAC. A couple of days ago it stopped reading CDs. I tried cleaning the laser, which produced no cahnge. Does anyone know who works on units like this? Does it make sense to repair it, as opposed to replacing it? At this point, I have been running it into a balanced Theta Gen III. I am happy with the sound, and not terribly interested in a newer sound.

Thanks in advance.
Probably would be wise to spend some time at least investigating repair, CEC's have a good reputation as transports with sound their quality. Dunno for sure, but my go-to guy, Wayne, at In-House Service Co. will likely be able to fix it provided he thinks it's repairable - 631-751-1803 10-5pm EST, Mon-Fri, Setauket, NY - www.stereorepair.net. These guys are very hifi-oriented and work on everything, including vintage, rare, expensive, tube, ss and all manner of digital and IME they have proven to be very trustworthy. They even do mods. There may be other places others know about too, but IMO talking directly with Wayne would be a good starting point.
Thanks, Ivan. I will contact Wayne. David
Nick Gowan at True Sound also works on these.
I second Nick Gowan, I've used him for repair and he is very good.
Steven Sank worked on my CEC TL-2 transport and did a marvelous job. Info here:

Thanks for your additional suggestions. Looks like I will have some options.

I can repair the unit. You can contact me at vujadeaudio@optimum.net I am in Montville, NJ.