CEC TL5 Belt Drive CD Transport

I currently own Cambridge Audio CXC and I am very statify with it ,considering to upgrade to CEC TL5 Belt Drive CD Transport, Somone have experience with this transport ? Do you think it will improve the sound ?

I use to own the CEC TL5 Belt Drive CD Transport and I highly recommend it to you. Only problem is I have never heard the  Cambridge Audio CXC Transport so I can't say for sure that the CEC will sound better. Since the CEC is three times as expensive as the Cambridge and because the CEC is belt driven I would think the CEC would sound better.
I know the Cambridge plays audio CDs, CD-Rs, CD-RWs but I no longer remember if the CEC does the same therefore you might want to look into that issue.
I've had so many different transports in my system, I've lost count.  The one I kept was the CEC TL-2. 

IMHO, the CEC transports are one of the best you can buy.
Can you be more specific why the CEC transports are so good ?
What they do better than other transport? 
Isn't there mechanical issues with the belt drive ? Is it reliable over time ?

The belt can be replaced by you if and when it wears out.
Because it's belt driven it sounds more analog.
They are reliable. As far as I know they are made in Japan.
Maybe mofimadness can add more information regarding your question.
With a belt driven device, the actual motor spins faster at a set speed.  The RPM accuracy will be much higher than a direct drive transport.  This is why the high end turntables all use high speed motors running belt drive - to reduce the wow and flutter errors.  Not sure if this really helps in CD digital, but I suppose it’s possible.
From what I've listened to I'd say that you are correct, auxinput.
That's not to say that direct drive, as most Transports and CDP's have don't sound very good. Just a different drive. Always a debate just like turntables.
I’ve got a TL-5, and love it. I don’t think you’re going to do better, sound and build quality wise, for the money (around $2000 for the factory 120v US version). If you’re in the the US, you want the factory 120v version, not the gray market 100v version that requires a voltage converter. You have to get it directly from the North American distributor, Mutine Inc. in Montreal. It’s kind of a pain, but worth it, IMO.
Unfortunately I will not be able to make a demo of the TL5 in advance surprisingly once I bought the Cambridge Audio CXC without much expectations from such a cheap gear the sound turn to be amazing detailed, musical and dynamic.
I am not sure how much improvement the TL5 will do to my system and if it's worth the expense.
itzhak1969, that's great news!
If you are happy with what you hear that's all that matters.
I'm always in favor of saving some dollars, I just don't seem to be able to do that! LOL...

Yes I am familiar with that too LOL...
I decided to wait ,if something will happen to my CXC I will defently buy the CEC TL5 .
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I used to run a CEC TL-2N (older discontinued) and it was a really nice transport, very non-digital, analogue presentation.

My current TL-3N (top shelf of moniker) is way better in every respect, twin belt drive, one for motor/spindle, the other for the laser pick-up.

The belt drive (lasts many years) is easy to change, the TL-5 has a single belt for the motor/spindle.
It has better and more defined bass, greater dynamics and clarity without sacrificing the original, inherent qualities CEC is known for.

This is due to technological advancements in circuitry and execution.

I’m quite sure the TL-5 will suffice in comparison with my recently discontinued TL-3N (although it’s still shown on the CEC website)

One thing to note, the large, full size pucks make a substantial difference in sound quality, I kept the full size puck from my old TL-2N and use it on the TL-3N, glad I did.

I believe you can order a large puck from the distributor listed above.
FYI there a couple of used CEC TL-51X's on here for under $1K looks like a very good deal. I heard one for the first time in the Volti Audio room at Cap Audiofest and thought that system sounded great.
The distributor for the US and Canada market is now

Audio Union here is the link to web pages https://audio-union.com/

Tom Kleinbeck