CEC TL2 Transport that Needs a New Belt - Please Help If You Can

I have a CEC TL2 transport that needs a new belt, which I have not been able to locate. It is frustrating because this fine piece of equipment has become a "boat anchor" sitting on the floor unused for the past several years. Can anyone help me? I tried (twice, unsuccessfully) to purchase a belt from the cranky, overworked older gentleman who specializes in belts for high-end cassette players, etc., and now I'm at a loss. Can anyone help me? Thank you in advance for your time and advice!
Contact Nick Gowan at
True Sound
136 Kennedy Ave
Campbell CA 95008

+1 rja!
I'll write to Mr. Gowan and see how much he thinks it would cost to repair. If it's reasonable, I'll ship it to him.

Many thanks,

Mark Hubbard
I've had Nick repair my TL-1X. He was the factory repair guy for CEC for many years and still stocks many parts. He is a true gentleman and completely reliable. I wouldn't deal with anyone else for my money.
Nick is your man for sure. 

Keep us posted- Mark.

Happy Listening!