CEC TL0X not playing long CD

Anyone experienced this problem with this or other transports - I have seen some claims this can be a problem in "high end" - mine will not play right through a FIM sampler that is 86 minutes long.

Well, FWIW, 86 minutes exceeds the redbook standard, which is 72 minutes. According to Wikipedia:
"Red Book Audio Specifications
The basic specifications state that
1. Maximum playing time is 74 minutes (including pauses)
2. Minimum duration for a track is 2 seconds
3. Maximum number of tracks is 99
4. Maximum number of index points (subdivisions of a track) is 99 with no maximum time limit
5. International Standard Recording Code (ISRC) should be included"

So the problem is that your player conforms to the spec but your disc does not. Some would argue the disc is not even a CD.
Maximum playing time is 80 minutes for a CD. I have many discs with over 79
minutes, but just short of 80 and play through without any problem.
Thanks Guys - you are right - the CD is 76 minutes - it showed up as 86 when I did a rip using eac - must have something to do with the K2HD format of the FIM CD.

The fact remains that longer CD's have problems with the last track - it seems to be the ones over 70 minutes and I am wondering if this is a typical problem with some players or I have some kind of sled servo problem - local repair guys are bewildered ( not that they work on much exotic stuff)- It has a new laser
This is a guess (50% chance of being correct):
A CD player's laser unit slides to and fro along a rail, usually a stainless steel rod.
My guess is that none of your CDs is longer than the FIM CD, therefore the laser sled has never reached the far end of the rail (CDs are recorded from the center to the outer edge). The grease used to lubricate CD mechanisms tends to harden over time, usually at both ends of the sled.
Cleaning and lubricating LIGHTLY the sled with white lithium grease will probably fix it.

Good luck
Thanks Casouza - I have tried that exact thing and it did read further than before - I suspect the problem is more than lubrication - I will fiddle with it some more

For anyone who is interested the problem was the flat wire to the laser assembly was pressing against the housing at the end of its travel - it just needed a small bend added - thankfully a simple solution