cec tl-5 oem usa version

can anybody direct me to where I can but the usa 120v version. I tried looking all over and only see the gray market version on ebay. I check the ebay stores and there sellers seem to sell this unit but they also sell shirts in there store,   so not the place I want to purchase one from. I have a musical fidelity m1 cdt transport now and would like to make an upgrade. I like my mf m1cdt but the reviews I have read are saying the cec tl-5 has a more analog sound to it. I also been looking at jays audio transport also and they have there own ebay store so if I went down that road It looks like that is the only place to buy.
kully560,I have just recently been considering selling my CEC TL-1X. If you’re still looking let me know.

Buy the C.E.C TL5 for $1100....same sound as the Jay's @ $2495.....crazy. Don't throw your $ out the window.

I believe the TL5 went to a single belt at some point.  I wonder if this has elevated its sound.  It has gotten some sterling reviews.  Wonder how it compares to the Jays audio version in its newer configuration.