CEC TL-0 too analytical?

Hi folks,

I own a CEC TL-0 MK II CD-transport, which I bought recently here at Audiogon. It's a wonderful piece of enginering. I would describe the TL-0's sound as very detailed and analytical but there is also some lack of (midbass) warmth. It is this midbass warmth that gives gestalt to the music and that's what I miss in the
TL-0's sound. Are you agree with this? Can I add more fullness and coherence to the sound by changing digital interconnect cable? My set: CEC TL-0, Goldmund Lineal, Bel Canto DAC 1.1, Accuphase amplification, Dunlavy SC-IV.

I have a TL 51Z MKII integrated that uses the DAX 71.
When I auditioned their CD line I heard the TL-0 too with external dac DAX71.
When compared to the TL51+external DAc i found the TL-0 much colder.
My explanation of this is that the TL0 is a much better transport than the TL 51 and therefore there is not any dirty enriching the bass sounds.
Just an opinion of course.
Try a match with a warmer DAC, surely you can find one.

PS.:Can't be the extremely clean sounding Goldmund that has a bad synergy with another clean sounding gear ?
The Audio Note people have been cited favoring their top of the line DAC with the TL-0. I have the AN DAC-3 with a CEC TL-1X. It is extremely musical, but lacks the detail I desire. TL-0 may be a nice companion.
Sometimes vibration is confused with "warmth". I just switched to a Parasound/CEC transport and it is a whole different presentation from my McCormack SST-1, also a top loader with a clamp. Just sit back and let the music get to you...
transport is much better quality than your digital converter is I believe the transport is showing you just how flawed your digital converter is. would investigate some other digital cables also.