CEC questions?????

Where do you buy CEC products in the US??

Also, any recommendations for a DAC to match my TL2X transport?

Your best bet to buy CEC is right here on AudiogoN. I also have the TL2X transport, into a Chord 64 DAC-an outstanding combination. I'm using a Siltech digital XLR cord. Very musical, airy, dynamic, and just a joy to listen to.
I also have a CEC, a TL1X, which I'm using with a Chord DAC64, through an AR preamp, into Bryston 7B-STs. Speakers are SoundLab A-3s.

To me the CEC/Chord combination is magical. I also have a Burmester 001 player, but find myself listening mostly to the CEC/Chord combo. I haven't truly determined which I prefer overall, but when I do, I'll probably put one or the other on the market. For now, however, it's nice to have the option of choosing between the two, depending on my mood and the nature of the music being played.
Thanks for the responses. Has anyone heard the CEC DX51 DAC? I am wondering if the synergy between the two would be better than other DACs?
Get a used Audio Logic dac. That should do wonders with the CEC. I have an AL 2400 and just ordered a used TL-1. Can't wait to hear the results. There are several AL on audiogon or check Galen Carol Audio. He is selling a AL 34 for $1600.
FWIW, here's what I've been told by a dealer in response to my inquiry:
"We have kept CEC at a very low profile, since the models you mentioned (TL1X and TL2X) do not reliably play CDR,CRW, or CDs over 70 minutes long. For customers who are willing to accept that limitation, we will order CEC on a case-by-case basis. CEC has discontinued the TL1X."
I almost ordered it but had to change direction because 60% of my CDs are over 70 minutes long. Did anyone experience any similar problems?
Shld try DX71 with superlink connected with TL2X.
Very good and save the money to buy the digital inter-con.