CEC owners What Power Cord are You using?

I am looking for owners of CEC transports to advise me on what power cords they are using and what they have tried. I own a CEC TL-2X Transport and I am looking for a refined sound, with smoothness, details, dynamics, 3D soundstage, separation of vocals and deep defined bass. I like the mids to have a little flesh but no smearing and not too thick sounding.

Thanks and Happy Listening.
I'm using a King Cobra V-1 with excellent results.
Audience power chord on my TL2X
I use to own a CEC transport, Kimber powerkord is the
one that works very well.
Bogdan AC and Eichmann Express AC works well on my Parasound/CEC transport.
I am also using a Shunyata King Cobra V1......this replaced a Pursist Audio Dominus.
I have gotten the most out of the CEC TL-1X/Audio Note 3.1 DAC combo using FIM power cables. Although, I found the CEC a bit rolled off in my system, the FIMs helped with the frequency extension, yet retained the sweet CEC musicality.
Search for this thread I previously posted.Best power/digital cords for C E C transports.In my particular system I heard a nice improvement with a modest priced VH Audio Flavor 4 power cord.More detail and more natural sound.

A used balanced Resolution Audio reference cable from the cable company added more of the same.More natural & added detail.

I have the qualities in my system you are looking for however you will not get all of what you are looking for in just a transport power cord.

MapleShade Silclear Silver Contact Enhancer is a great product and to some it is equal to a component upgrade.
I have a CEC TLOx with a Audio Note Dac 4.1x (that I am replacing soon to get a Dac 5 which I had before.) I've tried various cables for Dac to transport and nothing is better than Audio Note Pallas and the same applies for mains cable. It's something to do with ultra low capacitance and palladium plated pure silver ribbon. The best but not cheap
A regular Power Cord but wrapped with Gold Coins outside as shielding. Based on its weight I also got a superior Bass reproduction with a shiny top range.
For my CEC TL-1X I use an Elrod EPS-2 Sig. I love Elrod cords with digital. Tried many of the biggies but the Elrod's sound best to me, and at an "affordable" price on the used market.
I second the Elrod EPS-2. Also, the EPS-3 for amps.