CEC CDP 3300

I plan on picking up a new and cheap CDP to use in conjunction with a DAC but I have a chance to pick up a CEC 3300 for $150 and wanted some feedback from others that may have owned this unit. Cosmetically only fair but is fully functional and I’ve seen replacement lasers and belts online. Thanks in advance for any feedback.
No, I have never owned anything by CEC, but I know they have a very good reputation for quality and good sound, so if it is fully functional as you say, $150.00 is a good price.
Cosmetically only fair but is fully functional

Hmm, so despite the lack of care it still plays? OK, how are you with DIY? I ask because I am not and would not consider it for that reason. If you can troubleshoot and work on it, then go ahead, I guess.
The cosmetic issues are just some discoloration on the faceplate where it looks like someone was trying to clean it.  No dents or dings of note.  Still a risk with the age but I would probably outsource repair unless I could YouTube for instruction. 
Factory parts may not be available. get the serial number and send it to me, picture of the back panel works the best. Audio Union is the factory authorized repair shop and distributor in the US and Canada.
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