CEC CD player

Anyone have any exprience with CEC cd players? Good or Bad?

Cheers, Paul
I have had a CEC-TL1X for 2.5 years ... love it, and no service problems at all.
I purchased new 6 years ago a CEC TL-1, love it, no problems either......no need to switch !!!!
Mango, they are very good, well built and musical, I
just sold mine to one of Agon member, I miss it, but
I need funds.

There is a HUGE difference between CEC's top of the line players mentioned above and CEC's current $500 player that is sold via AudioAdvisor. There are several players in the CEC line, so you might want to ask about a specific model.

The top of the line units sell for several thousand dollars, the 3300 sells for $499 at AudioAdvisor. Which one are you asking about?


Audio Advisor does not sell the CEC player anymore. Paul, you asked a bad question. Every product has strengths and weaknesses. BEcause of its strengths, I have kept my belt drive transport. Because of its weaknesses it is being modded at Modwright at this time..
I have a C.E.C. TL51Z that I really enjoy. It does an outstanding job of imaging and produces a deep and wide soundstage with a very black background. Very musical.
I've enjoyed my TL-1X transport, feeding a Chord DAC64, for a couple of years now. To my ears this is a magical combo.

BTW, Psychicanimal, if "Audio Advisor does not sell the CEC player anymore" they have a strange way of going about it! Their ad on page 118 of the latest TAS, #147, shows the CEC 3300 at an introductory price of $499.95.
Maybe their advertisements last longer than their offerings :)

Kidding aside, if you check their site, they don't have it anymore. About 3 months back, I asked them which player was better around $600 (CEC-3300 , Pioneer 563a, Cambridge AZUR-640 or Phillips 963SA). The gentleman who respond told me the CEC-3300 was the best of all. They had several units at a lower price because were returned..????? Maybe it wasn't that good really.


I just got the latest AA catalog and the CEC is conspicuous
by its absence.
AA is local to me and I demoed one of the CEC 3300's that someone else returned.

The 963sa is hands down a better cd player than the 3300 from its analog outs and the CEC may have had a slight advantage as a cheap transport.

Having AA local is nice as they don't seem to mind you bringing gear back as much as the local higher end stores do.

They take returns whithout the attitude and whith a smile which is refreshing to say the least.