CEC CD-3100 CD player/transport???

Has anyone used this inexpensive unit as a transport with a high quality DAC? Is it any good?
Hate to say nay, but while the unit is solidly constructed and heavy, IMO the transport mechanisim is not up to the task of playing compact disks. I ordered one from Audio Advisor a couple of months ago. The packaging should have been a clue; it was so poorly packed that the styrofoam supports had disintegrated. I plugged it in and listened to it for two days, ignoring the occasional ticking sound. One week later I realized that the ticking was turning into skipping and would not even initialize some of my CDs. I sent it back and exchanged for another. The second one arrived just like the first - damaged foam, and this time it took only 10 minutes to realize that this one was also mistracking. Audio Advisor fully refunded me. Through the skipping, the sound was no different than my HK cd changer. Later, I bought a used Rotel RDD980 transport. I was really suprised and delighted in the improvement in my CD front end - I really did'nt think a good transport could have that much of an effect on the sound, but it did.