CEC Belt Drive transport with electrocompaniet DAC

Hi was wondering if anyone was running this combination and I was hoping for some feedback on anyone using the CEC TL51X as a transport.

thanks again
Unfortunately not using the TL51X with the EC, but I use it with a LessLoss DAC 2004 MkII. Previously I had the North Star 192 combo. For comparative purposes I tried the North Star transport with the LessLoss. It performed very well. The North Star had a bit more oomph and speed while the CEC had an overall smoothness to it that is hard to explain. I know it's cliche but it did sound more like vinyl. It conveyed more of the pace in music that I enjoy.

Overall I was very surprised and pleased with the results of this transport. For the price it would be worth trying with your EC.
I LOVED that combo prior to the AA Capitole. (Got a deal)!
You can't beat it. In fact, I still have my Electro DAC. If I had to go back, it wouldn't be bad at all. W-i-d-e d-e-e-p soundstage.
I use the TL51x with a Wadia 12 DAC and loving every minute of it.