CEC AMP530 or AMP53

I just read about this online. Looks like a very interesting great value integrated. Anyone know anything about it? Listen to it & compare it to anything else. Specs are 100Watts Single Ended Class A w. low heat. Sounds too good to be true.
I think it won some awards in Japan as well. And the retail price is quite low.
Look at this review...they say the CEC AMP53 is on the same level as the Luxman m-800a.. sound wise!!! $16,000 www.highfidelity.pl/!ev/artykuly/22_02_2008/cec.html
I just read the review. For the price it seems like a steal. My big things is the single ended class A circuitry. I would imagine it is sweet. Funny, I just asked about it & an ad came on Agon today I think. I wonder when more equipment will be coming out w. a similar topology. I was actually looking at some Luxman or Accuphase equipment. I just don't find American quality to be at the same level of Japanese in Solid State equipment.
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