CDT tweeters on Gallo Nucleus Solos

Hi, would appreciate insight into this problem.

The Solos I bought here on A'Gon about 3 weeks ago is missing high freq. output. The tweeter output is about 30% down so the extreme highs are missing like some triangles/bells I used to hear. Vocals are pushed back behind other instruments as well as lower in volume and there's no "air" around cymbals etc. The CDT is not supposed to be shy in this dept.

I decided to try to fix the problem myself & contacted Gallo who suspected the the speakers were pushed too hard, heating up the resistor that caused damage to the capacitors. They suggested buying caps (6.0uF InfiniCaps) saying they controlled the extreme highs & the resistors the lower part (a crossoverless design). They said the resistors are very durable so it's likely the caps though not 100% sure.

I know it's a long shot but anybody have similar experience or familiar with this speaker?

I would suspect the caps too. Is the problem in one speaker or both? These are fabulous tweeters (the same ones used on my Gallo Ultimates) and I'ver never heard or read of a problem like this. Good Luck.
Hi Dopogue,

Both tweeters are down in output.
I received the caps & solder in the mail yesterday and am waiting for the plastic rivets to come from Gallo so I have a little time to practice before opening them up. My concern is that it's not just the extreme h/f that's missing. The sound volume level coming out of the CDTs is a small fraction of that from the woofers with my ears inches away from them.
Could it be the resistors are damaged too? What else could it be?

What are the Ultimates like, don't think I seen them before.