CDs: Not all created equal

All: Over the past year I've renewed my hobby as an audiophile. Its been several years, and I'm getting used to SS equipment and CD playback. The system I've accumulated over the last year is as follows: Threshold Forte Model 3 (200 wpc into 8 ohms) SS amp; Parasound P/LD line-drive preamp; Arcam Alpha 8SE CD/HDCD player; Cambridge Audio Azur 640C CD player (dual Wolfson 24 bit DACs); Audioquest Midnight Hyperlitz III speaker cables & various Audioquest interconnects; Meadowlark Shearwater "Hotrod" loudspeakers and finally, an RBH passive sub with NHT SA-1 Subwoofer amp. I have learned that there is a fairly vast difference in CD quality. All of my HDCDs sound really nice (almost tube/vinyl like, but a little "brighter"), but the standard CDs vary widely. I have a few MSFL 24K gold remasters, and they are pretty nice. I just bought a Fleetwood Mac remaster by Warner Bros. that is nothing short of spectacular, even though there is no indication that it is a 24 bit remaster, etc. Are there certain brands or indicators I should look for to find high quality CDs?? Many thanks.
Telarc, Chesky, Mapleshade, just to name a few.
The problem for me is that a lot of the labels associated with high-quality CD's feature genres and artists I'm mostly not interested in. You mention HDCD and the only reason I have an HDCD capable player is for Grateful Dead CD's of which I have many. Even their downloads are in HDCD (from their webstore). People really into classical music and jazz (I'm not) are a bit luckier because most of the high-end labels as well as SACD seems to be geared to them.

Get the Music Direct catalog and the Acoustic Sounds catalog. (Check out their respective websites.) They specialize in selling the good stuff. But again, it's not often that the music I like is offered by a high-fidelity specialist label. But it does happen from time to time.
The answer to this is not complicated but it is not something Audiophiles in general do,
Read a decent Music magazine every month it will keep you abreast not only of what is new in music but what has been re-issued.
Trying to do it through labels alone and Audiophile labels in general will limit your choice.

Audiophiles in general spend thousands on their kit, research it to death and often miss out on all kinds of music and reissues because they don't pay attention to that side of things.
Which Fleetwod Mac CD are you referring to?

FWIW it is often worth looking up the Mastering Engineer on artists direct. Doug Sax, of Sheffield Labs Direct to Disc fame, is probably the best known "audiophile" engineer. So far he is the only mainstream mastering engineer that has not completely sold his soul to the "CD Loudness Wars" devil - see google if you want more info on "CD Loudness Wars".
Klipschking- I've created a list of labels that I feel are usually of high(er) quality. Most of these labels are less well known, specialty marketed, and/or imports. Many offer websites detailing their recordering, mixing, mastering, engineering & pressing process. In no way is this list complete, not will your ears mirror mine. I hope this is a useful launcing pad for 'ya to research. Glad we're focusing on music rather than nit-picking gear. Here 'tis:

Atelier Sawano... BluePort... Cardas... Cisco... Clear Audio...
Connecting cultures... DIW... DMP... Eastwind... ECM... Egea...
Eighty-Eight's... Fidelio... FIM... GLM... Groove Note...
Hi res... High End Society... JVC XRCD... Kang King Japan...
Kirkelig... M&I... MA Recordings... Marshmallow... Mobile Fidelity...
NAIM... Opus 3... Pony canyon... Pope... Proprius... Resonant Music...
Silence Records... SHM-CD recordings... Silk Road Music...
Sketch... STS-Digital... Straight Ahead... Stockfisch...
Splasc(h)... SwingBros... Terashima Records... TBM... Tokuma...
Touché... Turtle records... Venus... Ward

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Solstice? Merry Christmas!
fyi- Winter Solstice was a Pagan celebration prior to organized religions attempt to assimilate ancient Earth Religions. Midwinter- Winter Solstice based on an astronomical event- is celebrated worldwide. Researching the historical basis of religions is most enlightening, kinda like discovering new music.
"audiophile" engineer? Don't forget to add Johnson of Reference Recordings. No one does it better.
It is exactly because there are so many traditions, from so many cultures, both ancient and modern, that saying "Happy Solstice" is such a smart-a$$ empty phrase, even emptier than an atheist like myself saying "Merry Christmas" out of common courtesy. Nobody that I've ever met in my whole life gives a damn about the solstice.
Nobody that I've ever met in my whole life gives a damn about the solstice.

Nevertheless....Earth, Sun and Moon by Midnight Oil is an absolutely AMAZING CD! (Another great production by Nick Launay who just happens to like certain LOUD Large Monitors that go REALLY Loud)
Breathe in and out slowly. Relax. Listen to music.
You obviously do not realize how many folks care about Solstice. Have you considered expanding your sphere of friends? Or the possibility that your friends & acquaintance are not comfortable talking about their beliefs because of your apparent judgmental and negative attitude?
Also, there's nothing wrong with 'common courtesy' and respecting the differences people have. Saying "Merry Christmas" can make folks feel good, regardless of your personal beliefs, and that's great!
Getting back to the topic: I hope you have constructive input into the discussion on higher quality CD's.
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Its arse about face if you ask me. I always buy the artist rather than the label.
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