CDR's in a DVP9000es

I have a Sony DVP9000es and mine will not play CDR's, I hear some people say that theirs play cdrs. What do I have to do to get mine to play CDR's?
From what I understand, the 9000ES will play Sony CD-Rs, but no others.
I had a Sony 9000ES for a short period of time and it will play Sony CD-Rs, but not others as stated above.
I already bought a box of Sony music cdr's and No Go.
Maybe I just a fluke of a player.
Read the manual. It tells you which type of discs it will play and CDR's are not among them. The 9000ES will not play CDR's. That said, I did stick one in that it did play, for some odd reason. An anomaly, I guess.
Ive seen this mentioned in discussions before. Try using cdr's recorded at 1x speed only. Sometimes cdp's cant read cdr's recorded at higher speeds.
The Sony 9000es does not play cdr's of any type.
Nowhere in the manual or on the website does Sony claim
it will.
Mine will play CD R/W, not CDR.
OK, so I tried some burns over the weekend. I did get the
9000 to read a CD burned at 1x on a sony music cdr. I also found it would only read them when burned with Nero 5.5 not
when burned with Adaptec EZ CD creator.
Duh! Told you so Vader!!:)
The 9000es plays cdrw just fine,I have owned 3 of them.
The Sony 9000ES offically doesn't support CDR's.

As a recommendation, I found that one brand of CDRs if recorded at at 1X speed can be played on the 9000. I now don't remember the brand, but it wasn't Sony. I haven't tried to play a CDR on my 9000 for over 18 months. I just assume that it won't.

I love my 9000ES, but if you want to play CDRs, get another player.
Mine will usually play them. Not every one every time, but usually. I use Fujifilm CDRs.