CDR media part II

Okay, here is the correct address, Sorry about the confusion! Click in and go to there cdr quality page. I think many will find this information interesting.
Go to the related links, CDR quality: Ritek exposed. It is on the bottom of their page.
It is amazing. When you click into your favorite brand, say, TDK, you find that they have been made by 4-5 differant manufacturers. Some of these manufactures have been rated high and some have been rated low. What I have learned from this is that no one should be discussing what brand is the best but rather what factory they come from. As they state, "There are over 250 brands of CDR's out there and only 16 manufacturers." With many of these manufacturers jumping plants on a regular basis you can't even be sure of the brand name. We have to look at the manufacturing plant. Also, I'm not sure how new this info. is. Check out Imations, for example. The newer one's manufacturing plant source is not identified. Anyway, does anyone have any more updated information?
That should read, "With many of the brand names jumping manufacturing plants...."
Thanks for this info, Ramstl. Don't you just love dependability?
Ramstl; that is great info.-- thanks for the posts. I hope you'll accept +2/+2 votes. Cheers. Craig.