CDR & LP Recording:Tascam CDR-750 or Sony CDR-W66?

I am thinking about purchasing a CDR for LP recording. Past Threads, (2003) had people saying good things about the Tascam CDR-700. Anyone have the newer CDR-750? How about the Sony CDR-W66?
What is auto indexing? Will it allow auto. index each track of an LP without any human interaction like the similair Sony CDR-W66?
With the Tascam CDR-700 (not familiar with the 750), for analog input, you can set how long a break between sounds must last to trigger the machine to index a new track. You also can select how noisy this break can be and still count as a break. This is important, since LPs are never completely silent. Works pretty well, and degree of control is impressive, but certainly is not foolproof when it comes to worn records.
So it is possible then to play an LP and have each LP track automatically indexed by the Tascam? I saw posts where it all had to be done manually unless each LP side was to be a single indexed track.
Yes, that's the reason for these features. If your records are in very good shape, it should work fine. The question is, if a pop, tick or scrape causes the machine to miss indexing, say, just one track on a side, is this any better to you than if the machine couldn't auto-index at all? If you have a lot of old, worn records, like I do, and you want 100% faithful indexing, you may have to rely on the manual approach.