CDR Burning compatibility with DVD players

I use Disk Juggler and have a PlexWritter CDR burner. I burn CDs with no problem. They play on car, home, cheap and expensive CD players of all kinds. My problem is they don't play on my or my mothers DVD player. I had just assumed I couldn't. Well my mother's boyfriend using cheaper stuff is able to make CDs that play on her (Sony) DVD player. What gives? Yes I will ask him what he uses but any ideas would be helpfull. Could it possibly be the media? I use Memorex CDRs.
DVD readers need two lasers to (reliably) read CD-Rs. This costs money, so not all consumer DVD players implement it. I believe it's getting more common, though.

Note that all DVD readers should be able to read CD-RWs - that doesn't require the second laser.
I always use cheap CDRs, they seem to work best.
I have what used to be Sony's top of the line DVD player ( back in the stone ages ). It will not read CD-R's. However, i do know that my business partners Philips that is even older will read CD-R's with no problems. As Justdan stated though, his Philips is a two laser machine. Sean
That's a good question and "yes" it may be the media. Some decks will not read certain brands of CDR's. Try another brand and see what happens.

As I have stated in the past visit this site they have lots of information on the quality of differant CDR's.
Sorry to hear about your "problem". As already stated, there
are certain types of media which have playback (i.e. comatibility) problems with certain types of CD & DVD players. As a commercial duplicator of both CDs and DVDs, I
run into this probelem at times.
One of the easiest ways to insure compatibility is to
duplicate your CDs in real time. At our studios we always
do master disks at 1x speed and never have any
playback problems. Also, various types of computer CD burners are known to create incompatible discs. I believe
there is a web site that lists some of the "offensive" drives; and it was mentioned in a thread here a few days ago. One last thing to keep in mind - most CD burners have
a usable "life". That is to say that after a number of discs
are recorded, they begin to lose their ability to create
largely error-free discs.
If you really want to make "quality" CDs - quit fooling
around with CD drives and get yourself a commercial CD
recorder. The sound quality is MUCH better.