CDP with XLR outs?

I have now my CDP connected directly to my amp via RCA jacks and I control the volume via the CDP remote.
I thought I should upgrade my front end... and considering that my amp (Sonic Frontiers) can accept XLR balanced input - I was wondering if I should make that extra effort and seek out players that offer XLR out.
I have no experience playing with cabling so as of now I really never had the opportunity to evaluate the sonic implications of different types of interconnects.

My budget for a used CDP is up to $800 - which means that if I really want XLR out - there is maybe one or two units (Like Creek 53) - but if I hear your comments and understand that it maybe better for me to just stick with unbalanced RCA - then I can look at other units.

Thanks all for your replies.
Bob - your question ("If your electronics support...") - is basically what I am trying to determine.
Are there any reasons why I shouldn't pay too much attention to that and just stick with any other CDP available out there. But then you did answer that...if indeed DAC1 is so great and it uses XLR out - it thus becomes the best choice.
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I like the idea of using Balanced connections if they are the and true balanced. My system was all true balanced conntions, until I switch speakers.
I'm not complaining though, I now run have some mint Acoustat X with the Servo Tube Amps. Speakers and amps were stored properly for about 20 years.The amps have had some upgrades but are RCA input.

Bob there is a fair bit of room in the amps. Does Jensen have input transformers as well to convert the amps input to balanced?