CDP with volume control

Other than Wadia, who else? Thanks. nick.
Denon 1650,Marantz 63,Resolution audio,THETA MILES,Cary Audio.There are others, I am sure,in the higher priced models,but I was never able to afford them.
I forgot-Sony.
Accuphase and Audio Aero...
resolution audio OPUS 21 "the best"
cal cl 15
Levinson 390s.
Sony XA7ES. It's their last flagship non-SACD player before the SACD players came out. Around $1000.00 used.
I have owned a Theta Miles (balanced version-twice as many DAC chips as RCA only version) and the Cary Audio CD-308. I ran both directly into a plethora of amplifiers. Both worked great.

Currently I have the Cary CD-308 running directly into a pair of BottleHead Paramour SET tub amps. Powering my Reference 3A MM DeCapos, this system sounds absolutely fantastic in my smallish listening room.

BTW, I borrowed a very high end pre-amp from a buddy this weekend while he's out of town. Adding the pre-amp did add a bit of dynamics to the sound, but I feel it lost a bit of inner detail. For me, it is not a good tradeoff. I'll leave my system pre-amp free and run the CDP directly into the amps.

Disclaimer: I do not often listen to Symphonic music or heavy rock. If I did, my opinion may be different.


The Shanling tube player has a volume control
Ah! Tjoeb.
Thanks to all for valuable information. nick
Disclaimer: I am a Xindak dealer.

Nick...Make sure to look into the Xindak SCD-2 also, which has a volume control.

You can view more info on the SCD-2 here:

Please do not hesitate to let me know if you have any questions.

Best Regards...Mike - Father & Son Audio
A wonderful player. Can use the tube with volume control or the solid state out through a preamp. This player puts a smile on my face every time i listen. Good luck.
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