CDP with volume and digital input...Which one?

I am currently searching for this kind of CDP.I've narrowed down to few:

1.Wadia 861 SE, 581, 850 or 860.
2.Resolution Audio Opus 21+GNSC mods
3.DcS P8i
4.One not in this group, but also considered is Njoe Tjoeb 4000+all upgrades.
5.Cambridge Audio 840C (no volume is a minus)
6.Mark Levinson 390S

I have very big and sensitive speakers, full range(Silverline Sinfonia).Also 320B XLS SET monos (15 W/ch).CDP will be connected directly to 320B XLS power amps.
I need dynamics, punch, great bass and a lot of it,also smooth but extended top end and natural midrange...
Listening to heavy metal mostly,also jazz, female vocals.
Has anyone heard any of these players in A/B comparisons?
Which one is the best overall,and which one is a best buy?
Cary 306-200 or 300-200 w/volume control option
I previously owned the Cary 306/200 and Wadia 861 with the GNS Statement upgrade as well as the APL modded 3910.

I currently own the Accuphase DP 500 (redbook only) and it is a great player. Built like the Wadia (superb) with a very non-digital musical presentation. Great dynamics (micro and macro), and bass. The mids are very neutral and the highs extended but not at all bright.

I play a lot of rock but not heavy metal and also use very sensitive speakers (Zu Audio Definition MK2)

I would certainly include the Accuphase to your list.

Good luck!

Drop the Levinson, it's simply not a player that will do what you want. If you have the cash, the Wadia 861se with GNSC Statement upgrade will do all that you what and then some.
Thanks guys.

Priz,try to make an objective comparison as you obviously have the experience needed.

1.Wadia 861 (GNS Statement) vs. Cary 306/200 vs. Accuphase DP 500?
The areas for comparisons -
1. Bass (depth, tightness, speed, and dynamics of the double bass pedal)
2.Midrange (clarity, natural-sounding, vocal performance, timbre)
3.Treble (extension, smoothnes, and non-etched)
5.Non-digital (but without losing clarity,resolution and frquency extremes)

I will connect my player to 320B XLS SET thru Gabriel Gold Revelation IC cables, and both are extremely natural, relaxed and analog-like.I don't want a player that sacrifices dynamics or bass output.If my system is going to be weak anywhere, it could only be those areas.That's why dynamics and bass speed and impact are very important.

Since 306/200 outperforms 303/200, i will add 306/200 on my list.And Accuphase DP 500 too.Does Accuphase DP 500 have volume control?

Unfortunately the Wadia and Cary were used in a different system and room then the Accuphase.

I will say the Wadia is an all around better player than the Cary BUT costs twice as much with the upgrade.

A recent player of mine, the APL 3910 is very dynamic with a more forward presentation than the Accuphase. Both have excellent low end. I think the APL would also be a strong contender but lacks the build quality of the Accuphase or Wadia.

The Accuphase has a more laid back (relaxed if you will) presentation. It is a great musical player with killer detail. It does very well with rock, which is what I mostly listen to, I’m just not positive how it’s presentaion will work with heavy metal. If you desire a more in your face (or upfront) presentation, I would choose the APL, Wadia 861 or 581SE.

Yes, you can run the Accuphase directly to the amp. I’m currently doing so—also with Gabriel Gold interconnects.

Based upon your requirements you should take a pass on the Wadia 581/se; the bass is light.
The Wadia 581se is the best one box player I have ever heard and it sounds great hooked up direct to amps.
I am surprised you also have Gabriel Gold ICs.I find them excellent.What is you opinion on these cables?

About Cd players - i believe my system will have relaxed presentation anyway, i think i need a more dynamic player.
What about Cary 306/200? Everywhere i looked at,it is very positively reviewed.Can anyone compare this player to Wadia 850 or 861(with or without GNSC)?
ALSO- CD playback is important to me, SACD not.Is 861se or 581se better on CD?Can someone clear this up a bit?
And how much better are they than 850?Is 581 or 861 worth the extra cash, compared to 850?
Audiobb, my opinion of the Gabriel Golds is that they are an outstanding cable. Many positives have been written about these cables so I guess a lot of people find them to be a great interconnect.

It’s been too long for me to comment on the Cary 306/200. I owned it several years ago.

My best advice on the Wadias is to call Steve Huntley at Great Northern Sound. He modded my 861 and can answer any Wadia question probably better than anyone.

I would have picked the Wadia 581i, but if Burmester 001 was on the list I would have picked the latter...
Krell KPS 20il with Gabriel Gold Rapture into a Plinius SA 100 mk III is where I'm at.You can really hear how good the cable is when there is only 1 in the loop direct to your amp
hi priz, a bit off topic i'm currently running a dp500 to a plinius 9200 integrated amp. i'm considering to upgrade the 9200 and wondering if i can just get a real good power amp and connect the dp500 direct. speakers are dyn C1. however i'm worried the range of volume control available on the dp500 (i think it only goes from 1 to 10) would be difficult to work with, especially in zeroing in on a desired listening level. in your setup do you find this to be an issue? would appreciate any comment.
I chose to try a Quad CDP-2...
For some time it will be my reference player. Untill funds allow an upgrade.I still want to go in "one box solution" way,only next time i will go with the player little more expensive.
Then Quad will move to my bedroom.