CDP with "holographic" sound for less than 1000?

I am looking for a cdp to live with for the next five years. I am looking for the holographic or "in the room" sound. Most reviews focus on "inner detail" and "low level resolution". I think that these are similar but perhaps different. I also want to minimize "listener fatigue".

Players I've seen highly recommended in the desired "imaging" and "sound-stage depth" area are Theta Miles, Anthem CD1, Jolida JD100 and Musical Fidelity A3. Other highly rated options seem to be Rotel, Arcam, Adcom, Cambridge Audio but these are usually noted for their "clarity", etc.

I have eliminated Rega (no front-loaders), Jolida 603 (didn't like the mechanism), Cal Audio (no service available??), and the newer formats (will wait a few years for SACD, etc.).

I have been very happy with my pre-amp upgrade to an Anthem PRE-1L and am looking to slowly upgrade the rest. Other system components are Adcom 555 amp and KEF Reference 1 speakers (small floor-standers with laid-back British sound and good imaging). IC's are AQ Coral. Speaker wires are Monster. Other system recommendations are welcome.

The music I like is Rock (Steely Dan, Santana, Floyd, Sting), Jazz (Miles, of course), Blues (Hooker), and vocals.

The room is approx. 15' by 20' with vaulted ceiling and hardwoord floors.

Thanks to all Audiogoners!!! You have gotten me back into the hobby after many years of hating CD sound.
You can buy a used Cary 303/100 for $1000 (maybe a little more). I've haven't actually heard one, but plenty of people rave about them on AudioAsylum all the time. They were originally $2500 or so, but sell for less because there is a newer 303/200 model. I went the DAC route myself (an EVS Millenium 2 for $1000) and I've been extremely happy with the sound.
try the inexpensive SONY SACD players. ES versions especially. $ less than a grand.
Your list is missing the Arcam FMJ CD 23. Proprietary d/a converter similar to Dcs. Front loader. Vibration damping chassis. Gets the low level details right. Pretty bad remote. If you hated so-called cd sound, you should love (or at least very much like)this one. Used is around $1,300.00. Give it a listen. Good luck with the system and the music.
Since you like rock, I highly recommend the Theta Miles. I used to own one, and it really excelled with rock. It's hard for me to describe it adequately, but it has really tight, solid bass. It was really phenomenal with drums. It was also good with imaging especially with putting the singer front and center. I really think this player is one of the best values out there used.

FYI - With regard to service for CAL players, you can get service information at I just talked to them a few weeks ago to get service on my Icon II.
You do have a wide range of musical tastes... I know what I have owned. Currently, I have a Classe cdp.3 and at first I was not crazy about it.. but after a few days of listening I realized it is a wonderful player. The highs are super detailed and vocals are very 3 dimensional. HDCD capable.. coax and bus out plus balanced outs... excellent build quality. Used price about 700 or so. Cables will make a difference...and this player doesnt get the best reviews.. but it is the best sounding one I have had. Secondly the NAD s500 silverline if you can find one is a great player..very musical and warm sounding for solid state. All the goodies dig out and xlr. I have had the Musical Fidelity a3 cd... did not like it at all... very harsh on the top end otherwise nice looking and a good transport...I have heard nice things about the Theta miles, but unfortunately have no experience with it... By the way, any of the above players... you could always buy a couple of different dacs and see what mix you like the best..
Good luck!!
Philips DVD/SACD 1000 now available new for $995. Verstality and excellent sound.
Thanks for the tips. There seem to be a lot of options in this price range. Any opinions on tube output stages?
Unless a tube stage is done extremely well in a much more expensive player than what is being discussed here I would stay away from them.
the Anthem CD1 is incredible and will give you the "in the room" quality you are looking for. I find Arcam to be flat and thin...
Chelillingworth, I'm wondering why you would stay away from the CDP's discussed here that have the tube output stage. Could you elaborate a bit on your reasons? How much more expensive are you talking? What associated equipment were you using with the tube output CDP's that formed your opinion? My system can be viewed as it now stands. I'm very happy with my Jolida JD100.
Raysonic CD 128............Cannot be beaten in the used market for a used price. Yes it is a tube player.

Also, Raysonic has come out with a replacement for the CD 128........the 138.
Some good deals going on for the 128 new.
Get the Nuforce CDP08