CDP with Optical in ?

Anyone know of a cd player with an optical in ? (to use the internal DACs, send out to a pre).

My thoughts, here, are to run an airport express into something that's decent (retail 2-3k ?).

Would rather have 2 boxes than 3.
The Quad 99 CDP or CDP-2 have multiple digital inputs, including optical and coax. They are considerably less than $2k-$3k, but they are pretty good sounding CD players IMHO.


I believe the Cambridge Audio 740c and 840c each offer several digital inputs.
Many of the Linn universal players accept optical inputs.
The Playback Designs MPS-5 SACD/CD Player has an optical input.
Thanks very much for the suggestions. Seems like at least one of the Linn's is 192k upsampling. v. cool.