CDP with best bass response

Looking for a CDP to use in my HT setup for 2ch music,I am a bass lover and would like one with deep tight well defined bass,some that come to mind are,Cary 308 or 303/200, Meridian 508.24 or 508.20,I have a DVD player that is used for HT but would like a seperate CDP.Would like to spend under $1500.00 used.
Best is subjective, in my experience I suggest you check out the Consonance Droplet is significantly better in all ways than my former gear: Wadia 830 and BAT VK5Dse...the bass is lists at $3K but you can get discount....try to stretch to get this'll like the bass.
I thought my Theta Miles did bass well. Wish I'd kept it.

Sony XA7ES
Not an expansive midrange, but the extension is
good, and the bass is awesome.
I second Boa2's suggestion. The XA7ES I owned was incredible. Actually the XA777ES is no slouch either. Most of the Top Line Sony Players have great bass...

The CEC TL5100Z, has the bass response.This is the
characterstic, I remember most.
I had Meridian 508.20 and 508.24 in years past...superb players, but outclassed in bass extension, filigree and punch by BAT VK-D5SE. Now a very happy BATman.