CDP - Wadia 830/Cary 303/Ayre CX7

I am looking to upgrade my current cd player, a CAL CL10. The Cal is nice player, but I am looking for more...something that is smoother & more musical without loosing the detail and dynamics. My system comprises a Krell preamp & amp, B&W N804 speakers,and XLO cables. The CAL seems really good certain music types (female vocals, alt. rock), but doesn't seem as engaging as some other players.
I am looking at .....
Wadia 830 (used)- seems to have great reviews with few detractors, reliable, but no local Wadia dealer around me?
Cary 303 - listened to a used one at my dealer. Appeared very smooth & musical on monitor audio speakers. Not sure how this will be on my system. I will probably demo overnight. (I also listen to an arcam 92...nice player, but didn't seem to have the same soundstage and more analytical. The cary seemed more musical)
Ayre CX7 - very good reviews & had a brief listen on a Krell/B&W setup. Great soundstage, dynamics and detail. Liked it a lot, but expensive. Given teh level of detail will it be forgiving of poorer quality cds? This dealer is about 2 hrs away. I plan on arranging an appoint. next time up there. They also have the shanling cdps. Any thoughts?

I would appreciate any thoughts or recommendation on any of these CD players. The Cary is the only one that is practical to borrow overnight, so it is hard to have an even comparison. Thank you for your thoughts, macct

Both Wadia and Ayre are great choices and you can't go wrong with either one. Both are very neutral, musical, detailed, and dynamic. The Cary will be more euphonic (warm, smooth) and less "neutral" than either of them, depends on whether you like that kind of sound or not. If you can demo it in your system with a wide variety of music, definitely do it. It shouldn't take too long to determine whether you are going to like it or not. I stay away from anything made in China on general principles.
I used to have 830 but replaced it with 301. Very detailed, neutral and excellent soundstage. You can't go wrong with either one but Wadia sounds better connected directly to the amp.
Another player I'd for few weeks was SimAudio Nova. If you are using RCA, then audition that player, excellent player in its price range.
Thank you for your responses. A few more questions...Are the bass signatures of these 3 players very different. My current Cal is a bit lean compared with a Krell piece I tried a while back. Would these players provide more bass than the Cal w/o taking away from the vocals? Of the three, would either player being more forgiving on lower quality cds.

I will be able to compare the Cary and Ayre side by side on my exact setup at the dealer over the next few weeks. Unfortunately, I won't be able to hear the Wadia. No local dealers, but the best price (since it would be used).

thank you again.
Macct-this is just on the Ayre CX-7 which I own-I haven't heard ther other two players.
I think it does an excellent job with poorer recorded CD's and releases that are now quite old.
It tends to bring out more dimension and instrument placing within the soundstage with normally flat sounding recordings.
Of course it cannot do magic but it in relative terms it makes the best of a bad job.
Hope this helps...........