CDP w/Tube output stage works as Tube preamp ?

Hi, I have been using a CD player with a tube output stage(its NjoeTjoeb 4000). Just wonder does it work as a Tube Preamp ? (I have been looking for a Tube Preamp to replace the preamp section of my SS NADC370 . A few friend of mine told me that I don't really need a tube preamp to get rid of the solid state "edge" of the amp;since the CDplayer can work as good as a Tube Preamp. I really wonder if this is true??) Your opinion and advises is highly appreciated and thanks in advance .
I'm not sure if Ah has a volume control, but in every CD-player or DAC tube output is an inverting amplifier i.e. has no gain(i'd say has a negative gain more-likely). It introduces an additional local feedback to help to filter-out the digital noise and negate RF influence i.e. such tube output alone can only be a part of tube preamp(usually used as an input stage).

You should check-out the output impedance of CD-player if it less 8...10x than input impedance of your amp section and input sencitivity for a full output power also matches to approximately 70% of max output voltage of your CD-player.
Dan Wright over at has some options I believe. That is a very good idea for the 370 !
I am not so sure you need a preamp at all unless you are using vinyl. a passive preamp(this has only volumn controls) can work if your Cd player lacks a volumn control. I am finding that I don't really need to use bass and treble enhancements when running my tube Cd player through my tube amp.