CDP W/ Digital input

I am in the market for a new CDP with a digital input that can decode audio streaming from my PC. This will then play through my Linn Waconda, Klout and Keilidhs. I'm looking at spending somewhere in the neighborhood of $1000-$2000. I know of a few models but am wondering what else is out there. I've read up on the following. Cary 303/200, RA opus-21, Quad CDP-2, Musical Fidelity Pre-24CD, and denon 9000. If you've got one to add to the list or comment on one of the above it would be much appreciated. This will be relpacing my trusty Linn Karik CD player so that is pretty much the baseline for playback quality. I'm guessing it won't be hard to eclipse the Karik with most of the offerings listes above but I have yet to hear any of them.
Why not just get a separate transport and DAC? I think that would afford you much more flexibility in the future.

APL Denon 3910 w/optional digital input
Sufentanil, has probably the best answer honestly you will hold far more value doing this if you do sell down the road, but the most I would suggest in a CDP to do just this is the Quad unit, very high reviews and can be had for cheap used at around 800.00 I believe and even seen the newer versions in the 1200.00 range.

I've owned the Resolution Audio Opus 21, Quad CD-P and Musical Fidelity CD/Pre-24.

The RA Opus 21 was the best sonically, but also the most expensive. The Quad 99 CD-P was very good and was easily the best value. I didn't care for the MF CD/Pre-24.

My Quad was the older CD-P, not the mkII. It was very good in my system and I only paid $825 for it lightly used. I have since sold it in a consolidation effort, but I miss it!


I remember the Adcom GCD-750 having a digital input. These were/are? around $1200 new and can be had for around $500-$700 in excellent condition. Not a bad stand alone player either. Good luck.
I'm guessing it won't be hard to eclipse the Karik
I don't know if it will be _that_ easy. Probably the Resolution Audio will do that, but don't dismiss your trusty Karik too quickly. I like my Karik more than my Quad CDP99 (I doubt if the new version blows away the earlier version, which I have), though the Quad is quite capable, too. Now, I do like the Quad playing through a Northstar DAC better than the Karik--but then, my less expensive Tascam CDR sounds as good as the Quad playing through the Northstar. ...which brings me around to sharing Sufentanil's point of view.

I really liked my Karik, but it was no longer trusty.
Thank you all for the info. I bit the bullet and bought the new Quad CD-2. If I don't like it I'll return it and keep looking. I think this will get me through, having the convenience of a transport in my stereo, as well as having a good DAC to decode audio coming from my Mac, cable box, and DVD player. I'll let ou know how it works out. I wish I would have kept the Karik around for some A/B testing, but it had to go to fund the Quad.


Reply back to this post once you get a chance to listen to the Quad. I'm curious to know what you think of it. I liked my CDP-mk I very much.

Also, let us know if it works with your cable box. My cable box would not output PCM, so it did not work. The DVD player worked great through the Quad. Also, I used the Quad's volume control, even when playing DVDs through it. It worked very well.


Check out Accuphases. My DP75V can be used as a DAC.