cdp variable vol with ht pass

This is a little more difficult than other posts. I am only in need of a cdp for my system, but currenly use a preamp for reasons of passing a processor into my amp, cary cinema 5. My question, if I was to go with a cdp with variable vol. is there a model I could pass my av pro into? I realize the reverse exists, cdp into pass through on processor, but I am a firm believer that passing a signal into a digital processing unit MUST degrade the sound some. Any help is appreciated.

Audio Aero Capital or Prima DAC with analog inputs would work (unity gain).

I'm using the Aurum Acoustics Integris CDP, which is a very high-end unit which combines a top-loading CD transport and a fully functional preamp. This unit can be viewed at You may configure its analog inputs to be unity gain, allowing the connection of a A/V processor.

In my setup, I'm passing the two front channels through a unity gain input on the Integris CDP, which is in turn connected directly to my main two-channel amp, while the surround channels are passed directly from my A/V processor to my surround amps. In this mode, volume is controlled via the A/V processor.

Besides being a world-class CD player, the Integris CDP, as a preamp, is thoroughly transparent. I doubt if you will find a better CD transport/preamp unit on the market today.

I've compared the Integris CDP to the highly respected Audio Aero Capitole 24/192 Mk.II, which is a CDP with a volume control, but not a fully functional preamp. While the Audio Aero unit is quite nice in its own right, it is inferior to the Aurum Acoustics in many ways, including overall transparency, detail, and bass solidity.