CDP Upgrade path

I'm finally going to upgrade my CDP after upgrading all my cables first.
I currently have a Cambridge Audio D300 (bottom of Cambridge line)
My short list:
Alpha 9
Rotel 991
Tjoeb 4000 w upsampler etc

Assuming these are all used and at the same price and condition I would like your opinions.
Currently have an offer in on the Tjoeb but have had no response from seller.
I should have mentioned my listtning habits are mostly pop/rock such as Moby, Red Hot Chillis, Barenaked Ladies, Jeff Beck etc
My Sys is
Rotel 1055 as a pre pro
Rotel 1075 amp
Paradigm Studio 60
Paradigm Servo 15 Sub.
Well I bought a player. See here
Hope I made the correct deceision as it was not on my short list but I ended up with a super deal and its in Canada so less shipping and no duty and tax.
I'll post afgain once it's in my system.