CDP upgrade opinions for Cayin TA30?

Hello, a few weeks ago I posted about upgrading to a better amplifier. Well, I went ahead and found a modded Cayin TA-30 on the 'gon and am very pleased with my purchase. I'm currently running B&W 602s and after the upgrade most of my gripes concerning the forwardness and harsh sound of the speakers have been greatly improved if not wholly remedied.
Now my main concern is upgrading my current source, a 24/96 chinese cheapo DVD/CD player. I've been looking at the Onix XCD88/Music Hall MMF-25 player, but was wondering if there was anything else in the <500 price range worth considering for my current setup (I'm on a college budget and am planning on making the jump into vinyl so I don't want to drop XXXX much money on a CDP). I'd prefer something with a footprint similar to the Eastern Electric Minimax for aesthetic reasons, but a standard size player isn't a "deal-breaker" or anything like that.
Upscale Audio/Noeb Tjob:$599 or tube output:$899? Sorry if the spelling is wrong.
I've got the Music Hall CD-25 and it's a remarkable player for the money. I also own the Toshiba DVD players, both the 3950 and 3960, that have had a lot of buzz on the audio forums. The Music Hall is much better, even in stock form, and can be easily improved by upgrading the opamps yourself. I prefer the Music Hall to the much more expensive separate transport and D/AC I owned before.

There are a number of options out there, including adding an external D/AC to your cheap DVD player. I'm running one of the Toshibas through a D/AC and it sounds better than without the external D/AC, but still not as good as the Music Hall.