CDP Update help

I'm wondering if someone may be able to offer me some insight. I've been happy with my current system - Bryston 4B ST, Manley Shrimp, Classe CDP 10, KEF 104/2, and Harmonic Tech Pro-Silway MK III+ cables. I've used many different cd players in my system and have not yet found the perfect combination of the detail and dynamics provided by the Classe units and the soundstage being projected in front off my speakers (rather than laid back into/behind them) like I get from the lower priced rega and nad players I've tried. I'm really hoping to find a cd player that has both. Can anyone make any recommendations for me? As always - thanks for the help.
What's your budget like? Listening prefs?
dcs Puccini.If you can't afford it yet ,save up or don't upgrade yet.The Classe unit is really hard to beat,but after listening to dcs for 1 minute ,you would know what I mean
Raysonic 168, add cryoed Russian NOS, Herbie tube dampeners & isocup/balls, Tek Line micro Reference Xtreme power cord