Cdp under $ 1k which is great top to bottom

I am looking I am looking for used cdp which is great from top to bottom. Natural sounding highs with resolution, bottom end deep and resolved which can be felt. 

Short list
mf a308
arcam fmj 23
rega saturn
amr cd77.1

If you like vintage, and can find one, Philips 650CD player, manufacture year (1985). They are usually around $150.00-$250.00. Using the classic TDA1541 chip.
I had a Rega Planet back in the day and thought it was a really nice player for $800, saw one listed here for $250 at that price it's an absolute steal. And presumably later models, you mention saturn,are better but I have no direct experience.
Cambridge 840c. 851c would be better and used they're getting down in that price range I think.

My system has pretty much been upgraded around my 851c and I feel it still could be placed in a system better than what I have and still hold its own. It's a bargain even at its retail price.

The 840c is still a very nice player and I'd put it easily up against your shortlist. Never heard the AMR so can't speak there.

Marantz SA8005, Sony NVP9100es, ARCAM DV-139, Lector CDP 06t, Pioneer Elite DV 49AVI.

Pioneer Elite DV79AVI, Pioneer Elite BDP-09.  Excellent internal DACs and wonderful sound.  I compared them to external high quality DACS, Theta and Audio Research DAC 8.  The DAC8 was better, but not by much over the BDP-09.

It loads slow, but that's it.  You would be hard pressed to find a better transport, no matter the price and the BDP-09 has four internal DACS.

This thing is built like a tank and works great.

The DV79AVI makes a great transport and also has wonderful sound from the internal DACS.

Pioneer elite built these things as high end equipment.  People transitioned to blue ray players from the DV79AVI, but as a transport or a CD player, it is hard to beat.  The BDP-09 is just great period.  the complaints I heard was that it was slow to load cds, dvds or Blue ray discs.  I have no problem with that at all. By the time I load a disc and sit down, it is ready to go.

My recommendation, for the money, you can't beat the BDP-09 as a transport or a CD player.  You can find it for less than $900 used.  The DV79AVI is just very good indeed, and for about $400 used a great Cd player.


If you look, you can find the Pioneer Elite BDP-09 for around $400. Seems impossible, but I have seen one on the internet in my area for months and its available for $400. I own one, and yes it is slow to load, but at $400 it's a steal! No, I'm not selling mine.
What are you using currently?
I have owned 
jolida 100
meridian 800.24
Marantz DV-9500/9600 ?
Sim Moon 260D 

Mf a5