CDP transports when do know they died

My aging Audio Aero Prima CDP, wont read discs. I opened it up and I noted that the transport turns the disc only a fraction of an inch and stops. I seem to recall a breif initial spin then a readout telling me the disc contents. Yes I tied a number of discs it has always read before. Is the transport dead. Can they be repaired for a reasonable sum or is that the death knell?
A lot of times, there's nothing wrong with the laser (dead or dirty) or tracking electronics -- just dry lubricant and/or dirt on on the tracking guides/rails. At least check that out first. Maybe just needs a routine lube and oil.
"Routine lube and oil" on the platter motor might come flying out, spraying everything when and if it does spin. Use caution.
I only meant "a routine lube and oil" as a figure of speech :~)) Actually, mosts bearings these days are permanently lubricated anyway.

What sometimes happens w/ CDTs though, is that the laser assembly tracking rails or swing mechanism becomes stuck or sticky, and the laser can't move to the "lead-in" point of the CD to initialize play. So the platter motor justs shuts off "thinking" there's no disc in the machine
Swing mechanisms are alledged to have that problem. I think it may be blamed more times than it deserves to be.

However, I have opened players that someone oiled the hell out of the platter motor, covering the laser head with oil. I did have one player come back with a noisy platter motor bearing. That is uncommon. One had one of the photodiodes dead. It would not read all all, even though the laser output was good.