cdp to amp

could you plese tell me the pluses and minuses of doing i have arc sp16l pre. and rega plnet 2000,2 bel canto 200.2 amps.thinking of buying cary 306/200 with volume
control and going directly to amps.
I have owned a Theta Miles (balanced version) and a Cary CD-308 and run/ran both directly to my amps. For me, it is a benefit. You save a ton-o-cash by not needing a pre-amp or extra interconnect cables. I don't notice any lack of dynamics IMS. I also like the lack of clutter in my audio rack!

It works for me.


I've done many many comparisons, with wide varrieties of music, played through lot's of different "passive set up's"..which is what you're discussing. My conclussions, thus far, has been that, you get more sonic purity in terms of potential transparancy doing what you're trying(as long as impedance between components is workable that is), but dynamic potential suffers! For me, this isn't usually acceptable for my music tastes overall.
No matter what any "mello-music listening audiphile" has tried to tell me about how wonderful their "passive" set up is sonically(i.e, no preamp), I always find there to be a lack of authority, weight, and dynamic ability to these systems! I've PERSONALLY and DIRRECTLY compared many many set up's in terms of dyanmic ability(at the very least), with systems using many different amps and varriable audio out CD players and DVD players alike, and NONE TO MY CURRENT ATTENTION could match what you could get from a good active preamp set up dynamically! I've tried had many such passive set up's in my systems over the years...the McCormmack TLC, Pass Aleph L and P's preamps, home made passive preamp's, source components(from many manufactures..both high end and otherwise) with volume controls built in connected dirrectly to MANY DIFFERENT SOLID STATE AND TUBE AMPS,and serveral other passive line control devices which I've forgotten the names of off hand! And if you're listening to dynamic rock, Techno, R&B, most Pop, or anything else containing demanding upbeat and weighty dynamic content, you'll likely be dissapointed compared to what a good active preamp can provide you with! it's got trade-off's. For me, I just won't settle for dyanamic "whimpiness!"
Hope this helps.
A lot depends upon how effeciant your speakers are and the size of your room. If your speakers are very effecient and linear, then using a cdp with a volume control may have enough drive with your Bel Canto amp in a small to mid size room. You may get more detail without a pre amp, and you will definately save money.

On the other hand, some people prefer to use a good pre amp that offers more drive and/or color. Many audiophiles prefer to use a tube pre amp with a solid state amp, although you may get the benefit of a tube output with the Cary 306/200.

I am presently very happy with my set-up. I'm going direct from my Metronome T-1i (solid state) cdp to the David Berning ZH-270 tube amp. The ZH-270 tube amp has a volume control and two inputs, which provides more drive than a cdp with a built-in volume control. I am getting great detail without using a pre amp, and I have enough drive to fill my large room with a cathedral ceiling.
I tried using my Phillips CDP Direct and found there was lack of Vol. Gain.I did not eleviste the problem tll I bought a used FT Audio LW-1.Even with that on some CD's there was not enough Vol..

There are a few different specs that must be taken into consideration.Spkr.efficiency,Impedence matching,Input\Output Sensitivity,Cable Capacitance to name a few.

The CARY is suppose to have a better Digital Vol. Control than other players.The experience I had was further improved when I added a modified ART DAC leaving the output resistors with a 7v value in place.Because of my amp I should have lowerd it to between 4v-6v because I do not even get to 10 o'clock before the db's are to much for normal listening.

Lucily my speaker driver's can handle up to 300w and my amp only puts out 125w.If a child were to walk over and play with the vol. setting I might very well blow my driver's and my mind!

Just a thought

The plus is a simpler signal path and perhaps(?) less expense. The minus is less choices, flexibilty and perhaps greater expense and human effort to make it work well.
i thought i'd love running direct from my wadia 860x to my vac 70/70. but after listening, i preferred using the pre-outs on my VTL integrated (basically the equivalent of a vtl 2.5 pre). the wadia direct seemed way too lean in my system. the vtl (maybe because of the NOS tubes i was using?) added body, dynamics, palpability. not what i expected at all.

it must be system dependent. maybe because my system is on the verge of lean anyway (martin logans, silver interconnects), i dunno. just what i heard.
I disagree with the above poster about the negatives of passive preamps. He has not tried the Placette with its Vishay resistors. In my system: Accuphase CDP into a Sonic Frontier Power 2, the Placette did enhance the transparency and had no effect on the dynamics. In fact, the upper frequency clarity seemed to enhance the dynamics. Good luck with you choice.
Placette's are some of the best Passives of what I have read.The person must take into consideration what he has in his system to make it work optimally to get the bast results.
There can be a slight loss in dynamics ,but the gains in transparency far outweigh the losses.
Like I stated the system as a whole have to taken into consideration,but I would much rather go with a Passive than CD Direct in any case.The Digital Vol. Controller's are not as good as standard Pots.
I run my Quad 99 cd-p direct into a Music Reference RM9 MKII and it has weight and dynamics for days.I think it is dependent on the cd-p and amplifier matchup.Maybe I just lucked out ,but I will gladly put it up against any cd,preamp,amp combo anyday.I have tried a preamp and there was no loss in anything.So I will keep it simple.This player was just reviewed by Hi-Fi News in Jan and has already been voted by the reviewer the cd player of the year for 2003!