Cdp that's closely related to Audio research sonic

Looking for an option to Audio Research Ref CD8?
Opinions, ideas?
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What about any transport with the Audio Research DAC 7?
Ref 7 is a good cheaper alternative.
I have thought about it, but i really wonder, there has to be some unit that equals pretty good. I really don't wish to use dac/transport as of now. I prefer a straight redbook (sacd i do not care for).
What is motivating the search for an alternative verus the real thing? Price? of something else?
an older arc cd player..they're superb.
Pubul57, you are quite correct.
I have had expensive equiptment in the past.
When i restarted this hobby, i new i could admit to myself. Sometimes alternative units/brands do great achievements that are close to more expensive ditos. At this point, i will try to remember that. Ofcourse CD8 is a dream, and would probably be a great and in full synergi with my system - i won't lie. But it is not for me. My question remain. I just hope this thread need not evolve to a matter of discussing that opinion:)
Thanks all, for the inputs so far.
I guess Jaybo's resposne is the on that makes the most sense then, a used CD3 MKI or II. Is there a price point that is your goal?
Yes and no, it is pending on what happens around here.
A new 8 is not possible. I am open for a none tube also.
But it has to be rich and relaxed to calm things down.
Then CD3 II is the ticked. Its very smooth sounding, with lots of texture. Can be found for as little as $2100-$2200 used.
Does anyone have any experience with using ARC CD8 with non-tube electronics - in my case Spectrals, to go with my Magico speakers? I have heard the CD8 with an ARC pre-amp and Mark Levinson mono amps and that seemed to work well. I ask because I may not be able to check on my system the sound which is as I say has Spectral preamp and mono block amps. Thank you