CDP suggestion for Krell 280p/2250 pre/power combo

I have a Krell 280p pre-amp and I am in the process of acquiring an Krell KAV-2250 poweramp. I know I need to upgrade my CDP as I currently have a Rotel RCC-955.

I am looking for CDP suggestions that will mate nicely with the Krell combo. I like detailed imaging, depth and soundstage. Also, prefer a warm sound

Any suggestions please????
How about a Krell KAV 280CD.There's one for sale in the classifieds.I have bought equipment from Spearit Sound.A good place to do business,very helpful staff.
I had the Krell 280p and KAV-2250 and KAV 280CD. I upgraded to the Krell SACD Standard Ver3. WOW! Much better than the KAV280. The Krell SACD Std ver3 is a tad on the warm side as well. The synergy would work very well in your system.