CDP's that have Digital Inputs

I am looking for recommendations on CD players that have digital inputs, so that they can also be used as a DAC for a secondary source/transport.

I am aware of Sim Audio's SuperNova, Audio Aero's Capitole & Cary's 306 SACD

The Quad CDP in the 99 series can function as a digital linestage.
I had a California Audio Labs Tercet Mk IV a while back that had digital inputs.

I believe that the Adcom 750 series cd player does
The Mark Levinson 390s CDP has a digital input.
My Tube Technology Fusion CD64 has a digital input via BNC. Very handy feature.
Sim Audio Eclipse
Cambridge 840c with newest generation Anagram upsampler.
Aurum Acoustics Integris CDP
I was looking into this myself a while ago but haven't brought in anything yet to try against my separates. Other candidates are Krell and Wadia. The choices narrow if you want balanced digital in/balanced analog out.
Resolution Audio Opus 21 too!
The logical question here is why do you necessarily need a one-box solution that has digital inputs? For a comparable or lower price, you could have a separate DAC and use a good bang-for-the-buck CD or DVD player for the transport. Most DAC's have more than one input, so you could easily add an additional transport to the same DAC. That achieves the same thing that you want, with more flexibility (and more options, too).

I'm just suggesting an alternate way to view your options.


I likely will be setting up a Sonos network in my home.

All of the computer equipment will be in my 1st floor office. My 2-channel listening room is in my basement, where I will have a Sonos zone player connected via ethernet cable.

I am not planning on completely removing a cdp from my high end system, as I do not want to have to rip to my hard drive, just to listen to a cd (incase a friend bring over a new cd to check out, etc.)

In my listening room, I do intend to use a separate DAC from the Sonos "transport." If I moved into a cdp that has digital inputs, I could use the unit as both a cdp and as the DAC for the Sonos unit.

Basically, I am looking to streamline things and consolidate.
Cary 303/200.