cdp repair in Chicago

I've had a couple highish end, older cd players at Stereo Rehab in Chicago for a few months now awaiting repair.  The players are a Consonance Droplet 5.0 and a Raysonic 228.  Both need the laser replaced and apparently the Droplet has an issue with the board that drives it as well.  The gentleman at Stereo Rehab has made it very clear that he doesn't think the players are worth repairing and has basically said he won't work on them.  Both players are in excellent condition and honestly, are some of the best sounding digital I've heard.  I don't want to replace either nor can I afford to.  Can anyone recommend a shop in the Chicago area that can fix these players and will? 
I'm located about 3.5 hours south of the city so it's not a simple matter to investigate myself.  Thanks for the help.
Ethereal was a shop in Arlington Heights that I used a few years ago, that seemed pretty competent and honest, but I don’t remember it’s name
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the first words were “There was”
I believe the audio repair shop you're referring to in Arlington Heights is Midwest Audio, and they do have a very good reputation. I'd give them a ring to discuss the possibility of such a repair since it's a bit of a trip from your location south of Chicago.
Another possibility in would be Deltronics who has a location closer to you in Chicago.
Good luck and let us know how it goes!
I'll check with both shops.  I'm about 4 hours south of Chicago but I didn't want to risk shipping these beasts as Fed Ex hasn't been kind to my electronics lately so a personal delivery seemed safest.   Thanks for the options!
Midwest Audio was the place I dealt with.  Very thorough, but they had a backlog, so don’t expect anything soon
I had great service to repair a cdp from Anthony’s Electronic Services on Broadway in Chicago.  He diagnosed for free that  I needed a new spindle motor which I then sourced on EBay. Repair service cost about 150
Looks like one of the recommended shops will pick up my players and take them in for repair.  Wish me better luck with this service center and thanks to all for the recommendations.