CDP repair in central Florida

I tried this for the Tampabay area and found no one .
So now I am broading my scope a bit .
Unless you have a unit that cost more then $2K, best to dump it and get a oppo 95.
Little further up the road, but check with Sound Ideas Stereo in Gainesville. They have a repair shop on site and may be able to help you.
Yes it did cost more than 2k .

Thanks Drrsutliff , but that's a little to far to drive from Tampa . I am trying to avoid shipping it .

Happy tunes .
try calling Brian at Sweet Home Audio (727) 446-2505 & see if he has any suggestions, good luck.
Ill second Brian at Sweet Home Audio.He has knowledge of the area,and is a very good guy!Also ,Mario at Audio Workshop in Bradenton .VAC is in Sarasota ,they may or may not do repairs on CD Players.Good luck! Ray
Ship it to the dealer or manufacturer. Post results.
Audio Workshop Mario or Josh 941-747-7977 They have always treated me well,and ive been happy with repairs and service, they have done for me over the last 7 years.Also easy to get to from I-75 They have a website as does Brian.
I've also met Brian. He's a good guy and may be able to help you. Again, avoid AV South at all costs, including shipping. Best of luck.
Ok , some good responses here . Thank you very much .
I had thought of Brian , as I have done buisness with him before but didn't realize that he may know somebody . I will call him today ! I will also call Audio Workshop .

I had stated , in my other thread , that the botique builder will not do any repair work ! Something to think about in the future .It is a good CDP but terrible support ruins the experience ! I will stick with the big boys from now on !

Again thanks for the info .
An update on this situation...

First , thank you Ray for the recommendation for Audio Workshop . Josh was extremely helpful and patient with my questions . For $20 he opened it up and checked things out
as well as testing for actual run problems . Great service ! Josh could not find a real problem with the CDP but did not like the laser mounting procedure used . I brought it home and it is now playing just fine with no problems and sounding better than ever !
Now for the negatives...When Josh opened it he noticed that there were no washers on 3 of the 4 cover screws . Further he found that the security tape for the laser had been broken and was curled back . It appeared that someone
had been inside my CDP !I have never opened it . He then attempted to contact the builder of the unit to see if he had done it . The builder would not respond to his contact attempts . I have also tried to call the builder and he will not respond to me either !
I then called the store where I actually purchased the unit to ask them if they knew anything about this . They immediatly went on the defensive and blamed the repair guy and me ! They stated that they are not responsible after the unit leaves their store as it is out of their control !
I would never have thought to open up a piece of merchandise for inspection of tampering before taking a purchase home . Further more , this was a mail order purchase !
As I mentioned earlier the builder refused to do any repairs on the unit , that he built , and now won't even respond to contact attempts from two different sources !
Not only did this make me feel perturbed but it sent up red flags to the repair shop . They have never run into this problem before and were quite perplexed by it .
Now in partial defense to the retailor , this CDP was sold to me as a demo that , according to the salesman , was used as a display only without ever being connected to anything or turned on .

Happy Tunes
Glad things worked that you have music again!