CDP Recommendations under $700

So, it's time to upgrade my CD player. I am particularly considering a Rotel 1072 but am also considering Cambridge Audio, NAD, Arcam, and Rega.

Components are Outlaw Audio RR2150 and B&W 683's.

Any suggestions/opinions?

Thanks in advance.
lots of threads on this topic. check the archives. my vote is the 1072. i have owned it four times.
agree with S7horton
Rega Planet, Planet 2000 or Rotel 1072.
Jolida JD100.
Rotel RCD-1072 right at $699.00 list price. Fabulous machine. Sound if super.
ESound CD-E5, I own one. I owned the Jolida. This is much better, though not warm sounding like the Jolida. One on Audiogon for $500. Built like a tank. Supposedly compares to 2K players.
i suggest you listen to as many players within the $500 to $700 range you can. why ask for suggestions when you have yours ears as the definitive arbiter ?
Well, the problem is that I dont have the advantage of listening to them all. Probably the rotel and the nad, at most. Thanks!
check out tweakaudio[ric schultz],good luck,Bob
I would get the Sony CDP-XA7ES. Definitely very nice sounding for redbook only unit. I like it a good bit better than the stock Sony SCD-777ES.
You may want to look at the Onix CDPs thru AV123 Audio. They are made by the same company that produces Music Hall. I upgraded the op-amps and the machine sounds pretty good. I've had it for 3 years. Used Onix-88s go for $250-$400 on Agon. There's also several Ah!NJOE TJOEH 2000 CDPs on Agon if you want to try tubes. There are several reviews on these players. Dave
Creek ,Arcam
Marantz cd5003
My used Rega Apollo.

if you can't audition cd players, try to use some parts criteria, e.g., tube vs solid state, brand of capacitors, dac chip, etc. and ease of resale.

if you can create criteria, use them to select a cd player. you will not need to rely on opinions.

once you generate a list of candidates, just pick one at random.
I have demoed the Apollo and the Arcam CD73 in my system. Both are outstanding for the price point, but I preferred the Apollo. IMO the Arcam was more detailed, but the Apollo has a nice smooth, natural sound to it (more "analogue" sounding I guess). A used Apollo is well within your price range, and the Arcam can be had for much less than the Apollo. I also owned a Cambridge 840C for quite some time and it was better by quite a fair margin than the Apollo and Arcam, IMHO. If you can stretch your budget a little, I have seen used 840C's go for $900-$950 (although you have to act fast at that price). Save your cash a little longer for an 840C. You won't be sorry. Having said all that, auditioning them in your system is the key, as YMMV depending on how they mate up with your components.
Thank you to all who have replied. Your help is greatly appreciated. :)
Im not sure if it matters a whole lot when it comes to CDP's but I aminly listen to prog rock and metal.

I' ve narrowed my short list down to:

Rotel 1072
Jolida JD100a
Rega Apollo

or if I suddenly dont feel like shelling out the cash for minimal sonic difference, a NAD 542.
I am extremely happy with my Rotel RCD-1072. Extremely musical, with all types of tunes. It works beautifully within my system (click on, and check it out.)
Good Luck, and Happy Listening !!
FWIW, before you go for the NAD542, see if you can find a Rotel RCD-02 used. I compared these two CDPs and ended up with the Rotel. Not my last CDP, but it has served me well for 6 years. My review, which includes my thoughts on the NAD, is in the review section of Audio Asylum. That said, spending more than the $350 or so that this player goes for used (your budget is twice as much) should get you better performance.