CDP Recommendations

I'm looking to purchase a new CDP. I've been using a Nakamichi MB-1 w/Wadia DigiMaster 32-X D-to-A converter for 16 years... I've been very pleased with them both they still sound great and function very well. I feel the MB-1, is getting a little long in the tooth and I think it's time for retirement she has served me well.

I'm interested in recommendations for a new CDP and/or Transport.

Thanks in advance.
i would go with esoteric
unless you have functional problems, stay put
If you have the itch or its time for something different sounding Meridian is very musical. Try to demo a couple of different manufacturers to give you an idea of what your looking for. Esoteric and meridian are very different and you would like 1 over the other but both are great players.
Listen to Ayre, Simaudio, Naim and the above-mentioned Meridian and Esoteric. All sound great, but all sound different. If you want tubes, that's a whole other kettle of fish...
Hey Guys,

I truly appreciate all of your input.
EAR Acute
So far here's a couple of my choices. Jaybo, I love your honesty.

1. Ayre 5
2. Esoteric X-01 D2
Raysonic 168. Add cryoed NOS Russian tubes (, Herbie isocup/balls, Morrow Audio MAP 2 power cord, Machina Dynamica Code Name Tourquois and you've got a player that rivals the Zanden separates- or so says Srajan of 6moons.
How's the Esoteric DV-60 and what's a good price for a used one? I know this is somewhat of a loaded question.

Thanks in advance
Do we have any Esoteric P-05 user? All opinions are welcome. :O)
I have a Atoll ,you see them on Agon.Good players at the prices you can get used there.Not a bit harsh and nice smooth sound,very clear sound.