CDP recommendation for Creek Classic 5350se

Hey all,
I need some recommendations on a CDP. I posted yesterday for feedback on a Yamaha CD-S700 but didn't get much traction on that post.

I'm currently using the 5350se with Neat Motive 3 speakers. Most of the time I listen to FLAC from my PC through a MF VDAC2.
But now that I've got lots of CD's I would like to listen to them occasionally on a dedicated CDP.
In the meanwhile I have an Arcam DV135. It's a decent CDP, but I'm wondering if a dedicated unit would be better.
The Creek's are obvious recommendations.. CD53, or Classic CD, EVO, EVO2, EVO 50a....
I haven't heard any, and they don't come up often on the used boards, so not sure how the newer EVO match with the "older" 5350se.
Another option is an Arcam.. but again, which? There are CD17, 72, 73, 23, 192 ....

Anything else come to mind?
the Evo’s are their newer designs IIRC and intended to be a base for the future

so... better??

what about Oppo?
If you don't want to spend a lot of money, try a NAD C516BEE for $299.00.
Thanks for the suggestions.
Are either an Oppo or NAD upgrades to the Arcam DV135? Even though its not a dedicated CDP it is pretty decent
Oppo is usually considered to excel far above its price range, and... they are coming out with new improved versions.

But... it is always possible that better speakers, room treatments or digital 'shaping' of the speakers (e.g. DEQX or other) would be much more cost effective.

or.. maybe the source material can be upgraded with remasters, etc.

Opo has always allowed you to try a unit for 30 days, a very generous policy, so...
I can tell you positively that an Arcam CD93T is a fantastic player,, if you can locate one. 4 Wolfson DAC's per channel with 24/192kHz upsampling. My friend has had one for years and it sounds great." Acousteel" damping material for vibration and emi/rfi rejection. Independently regulated analog and digital power supplies. One of Arcam’s finest sounding IMHO.

The OPPO BDP105D is great also. It has a fantastic audio section. 


One more smooth player to consider. Rega Apollo r. 
New $1,100. It gets the job done. I see them listed on A'gon from time to time. I listened to one at Audible Elegance in Cincinnati last weekend. PrimaLuna integrated amp, Cardas Parsec cables and Totmem Hawk speakers. Very smooth and musical. 


any of the NAD BEE series cd players are sonic matches for this amp.
Sounds excellent to boot.  Happy Listening!
Thanks for the suggestions.

My budget does allow for one of those BEE players, so that is an option.
Another one is a Rega Apollo.

Anyone have experience with the Apollo and Creek?

Another option is perhaps to replace the MF V-DAC 2 and use the Arcam as a transport. That would also upgrade my PC music.

I'm not sure if I want to get into the adventure of finding another DAC

IMHO, the NAD516BEE would not be an advancement. I have not auditioned any of the other BEE CD players. I see that the NAD546BEE employs a Wolfson DAC.
Unfortunately I cannot offer any guidance with the Creek equipment. But the Apollo R is built like a tank and sounds fantastic and it employs the Wolfson 8742 DAC. Here is what Rega has on their site...

"...Design history

The original Apollo CD player launched in 2005. It was a huge success selling almost 20,000 units worldwide. The Apollo was a unique player featuring Rega’s own software and control system ensuring no other manufacturers player could sound the same. This key element is carried forward and improved into Apollo-R.

Analogue & digital outputs

Development of the analogue, digital and control domains ensured direct improvements of both analogue and digital outputs making the Apollo-R a perfect partner for the Rega Brio-R amplifier and an ideal ‘CD format’ front-end for the Rega DAC-R. The Apollo-R internal circuitry has also been improved by tightening the PCB layout.

Compact case design

Apollo-R is a top loading design housed in a custom, compact aluminium case matching the Rega DAC-R and Brio-R amplifier.

Dedicated CD mini system remote control

A new dedicated CD remote handset is supplied as standard which also has the advantage of Rega amplifier functionality .

Digital to analogue conversion

The DAC-R and the output amplifier of the Apollo-R have been enhanced using the Wolfson WM8742 digital to analogue converter, the same integrated circuit found in the Rega DAC-R.

Power supplies

The ‘digital’ power supplies feeding the CD processor, optical block, laser diode amplifier and slicer have been enhanced. This is achieved by using the same high performance, low noise power supplies found in the same location within the Isis CD player. This vastly improves the playability, error correction and the ‘inner core’ processing of the digital CD ‘spinner’ part of the Apollo-R.

Output amplifier

The discrete output amplifier has been tweaked to reduce the overall THD from typically 0.005% to 0.0025%, whilst at the same time improving the overall sound quality of the output amplifier.

User interface

We have improved the user interface control by using a dedicated display micro-processor, which eases the workload on the main control processors giving an improvement in the control code stability, usability and improved speed of initialisation of the disc being played which now matches that of the Isis CD player..."

Good luck!


Based on my budget, I have a shortlist from used classifieds. Any recommendations from these to go with the Creek:
1) Arcam CD73
2) Exposure 3010
3) Exposure 2010s2
4) Creek Evo
5) Creek Destiny or Rega Saturn (would require almost doubling my budget but if it keeps me satisfied longer it may be worth it)
6) Rega Apollo (as recommended here as well)

(just a bit reluctant on the Used Rega because of the potential mech issues)
I'm sure OP has made a decision by now; but I just won a bid on this integrated and have both a NAD C546BEE and an Oppo BDP-95, so I'd be interested if anyone has any updates and will add my humble opinion soon...If I can remember where I made this promise in about 2 weeks. ;^)
Another +vote for the NAD BEE series of cd players.
While this thread isn't that old (~5months) my system has went through alot of changes since.
I ended up buying a Creek Destiny CDP which upon arrival had busted caps. I recapped it and while it was good, it wasn't as good as I'd expected for a top of the line CDP. (I was also never sure if the busted cap may have lead to some sort of damage). For example, it wasn't significantly better than a basic hrt microStreamer DAC.
This lead for a system overhaul where I replaced my speakers to PMC DB1i (super happy about these) and then I sold the CDP and bought PS Audio Nuwave DSD DAC.

I eventually replaced the Creek ammp although that was the least significant improvement (if any at all) and I still think it is an amazing amp. In hindsight I may have just held on to it.

Not from personal experience but the NAD should be a super combo with it.
Please update on your findings
The Creek Classic 5350SE took about 2 weeks to open up. I was surprised by that. I thought it just wasn't as good as my Rotel for a long time. It finally surpassed the Rotel; but by that time my heart had been stolen by the Belles Aria. So the Creek is going back as soon as I get a reply from the eBay seller. During the last days with the Creek at it's best there was quite a difference between the NAD C546BEE and the Oppo BDP-95 on redbook CDs, with the NAD edging out the Oppo by virtue of smoothness and musicality. Unfortunately, keeping them both is a luxury I will no longer be able to afford if I want that Aria any time soon, so I'll be posting it in the near future.

In the meantime my interest has been piqued by a Krell S-300i that I could get for about $700 less than the Aria; but no chance of an audition first. Has anyone had the good fortune to have heard them both...or their close relatives?
If still looking for a CD spinner, why not get the Cambridge tansport to play into your DAC? Cost is less than $500.