CDP"s with digital input ?

I'm planning a CDP upgrade very soon, and I think I can narrow down my choices by selecting a player that has a digital input. I would like to play DVD concerts, (in PCM) through the DAC of a good CD player. I like the Resolution Audio CD55, does it have a digital in? Who else is listening to DVD concerts this way?
Audio Aero Capitole has digital in as well...
the resolution audio opus 21 does indeed have a digital in for that exact purpose. if you like the 55, the opus 21 is much better.
I run everything through my Audio Aero Mark II. It has just about every digital input possible so I run coax from my DVD player and toslink from my Satellite.

I only wish it had an analog input for my tuner and I could dispense with the preamp and AV control center altogether.
I used to own the CD55 (great CDP), but it does not have a digital input. The Mark Levinson No. 39 and No. 390 do, however.
AFAIK, Moon Eclipse has a digital in...
I know Wadia had a digital input as an option for their 830 and 860 models. I would imagine the 01 probably does also.
Unclejeff, I heard a rumour that there is an upgrade coming which will introduce analog inputs to the CAP II ..

What about the Theta Miles, digital input on this one?
Wadia has multiple digital inputs.