CDP putting out too much DC current

I own an Electrocompaniet EmC-1 cdp and one of the outputs creates a hum in my speaker, which according to the factory, is caused by a dc current in the output section. It does not matter if it is the balanced or single-ended output.
Can I help myself here, is there a way to adjust this, I am a little bit handy and know how to solder, or would it be better to send the unit in for repair, which I would rather avoid doing, as the unit will be gone for at least 2 weeks.
Hum is usually at the mains frequency or some multiple of it. If the output hum is caused by a DC current, then the excessive current could cause ripple on the DC power supply lines which MIGHT find its way onto the output. This problem has me interested ..... do you have a schematic?
The way most digital stuff is built now (with surface mount parts and multi layer circuit boards) there's not a lot you can do on your own without risking collateral damage.

Bite the bullet and send it back for repair - especially if it's still under warranty.
Sorry no schematics. I guess I will bite the bullet.