cdp-pre, pre-power: different interconnects

I notice some manufacturers recommend using a different interconnect from cd player to preamp than preamp to power amp. What is the science behind this?

Surely it would be better to find a set of interconnects that suit one's taste and use them consistently in one's system....

Bleoberis said:

>> Surely it would be better to find a set of interconnects that suit one's taste and use them consistently in one's system <<

What's the science behind this note?

All wires are not created equally. Of course there's nothing wrong with either of the scenarios your post suggests. Sometimes, for $$$ reasons alone, it is suggested a lesser notch down the cable ladder will suffice very well as a downstream link, say as for a pre to amp tie.

It's as much a philosophical avenue as an erstwhile one.

you ought to try both roads and see for yourself. For the record, I tend to agree with your line on source makers saying one type on there and elsewise elsewhere downstream. Of course if you pursue only one of the aforementioned trails, you'll never know.

have fun.

I see it very differently. Cables have a sonic signature, a sound character that they bring to the system. Using the right cable in the right spot can enable different sources, for example, to have the timbre that you desire. An example... I moved a Kimber Select 1021 from my CD Player to my turntable because I wanted to hear the treble detail that it resolves off my LPs. When used on my CD Player, it was a bit much and sounded too detailed and less like live music. I bought an Audioquest Colorado interconnect for the CD Player because it is somewhat warmer sounding than the 1021 and allowed that digital source to sound more like live unamplified music. I keep referring to live unamplified music as my daughter is a music major in college and I have occasion to hear many concerts that help "calibrate" my ears.
I agree with these guys, the right combination can be magical because different links do seem to react differently. It seems to defy logic and I have tried both ways - same brand throughout and mix n match. I even tried all network which many believe is the only way to wire up with network.

Hifiman mentions Kimber 1021 - it is a superb cable and works great upstream for me with every cable I have put between my preamp and amp. However, I still believe pre to amp is the most important link. It is definitely not a plug and play scenario if you want to maximize your enjoyment, but it's not like building rockets either - lots of excellent choices!