CDP Or Univ.P with better DAC than Meridian 568

What are the CD players or Universal Players that are considered better DAC than the one on Meridian 568 for redbook CD playback?

under $1500 used or new street price for CDP
under $2500 used or new street price for Univ.P
This Meridian is a HT processor----A great one; but not a 2ch device. I would say there are many 1 box players that would better it, such as John Tuckers' 3910 or maybe even his older 2900.
Meridian 500 series 2ch device would be 502 preamp + CD players such as 507 or 508.24 or 588...

How do the DACs on 507/508.24/588 compare to the DAC on 568?

[508.24 CDP + 502 preamp] vs [508.24 CDP + 568, digital connection]; which will sound better?