CDP or transport for meridian 568.1

I am looking to upgrade my cd player used with the 568.1 I have been using a sony cd/dvdr for all purposes but wondered if it would benefit me to upgrade to a stand alone cdp? Given the meridian has no analog pass should I go with a transport only? I will only buy from audiogon second hand and would like the best deal for the cash. $5-600 or so.

Thanks in advance
I have a 568.1 that has been upgraded to a 568.2, the unit is 3 years old. I have use a pioneer 626, Cal Audio CL2500dvd and now I am using a Theta Carmen II. The Pioneer unit worked good with the system, the Cal Audio was better with a wider & deeper soundstage. The Theta Carmen II is substantially better than the Cal CL2500DVD. At least to my ears any way. That being said, I guess the message is that a better transport or CDP makes a difference with the Meridian 568.1. I have not tried any of the meridian transports or CD Players but I am sure they would work probably the best with the meridian. I went with the Theta over the Meridian 596 simply because it was similar priced and has progressive scan where as the meridian is interlaced only. I was looking to combine the DVD Player & CD player together in one piece.

Like you said the Meridian 568.1 is digital only, therefore to make use of CDP you would need a seperate preamp.

Good luck in your search.