CDP or Transport and DAC? Recomendations?

Current setup:

Rega Apollo CDP

BlueSound Node 2i

Rega P6 TT (upgrading to P8 after 1st of 2022, when I can hopefully find a new one) 

Rogers High Fidelity KWM88 Integrated

Tekton Moab

Looking for advice on a CD upgrade. Budget around $5000. Want new equipment. Is it better to look at a separate transport/dac or a cdp in that price range? What are your recomendations?

Have around 3000 cd’s dating back to the mid 80’s when cd’s first came out. Have SACD’s as well as burned cdr’s.  Need to play everything.

The Audiogon members are always the most helpful and I appreciate your time/thoughts.




Used Luxman D-06u, and can get a separate DAC in a few years if the tech changes sufficiently.


Why’d you return it?



“The Pro-jet RS2 that I returned may still be available as an "open box" unit on TMR”

Have a Audiolab 6000 cdt with a Benchmark DAC 3B. Very pleased. Opened up everything. CD's have never sounded better. DAC with USB sounds GREAT too. Robert TN  30 days free in home trial, made in USA!  Enjoy  Have their line amp also.

SACD is the decider,  I believe the only legal way to get it is with a built in DAC, analogue output, not a pure "transport".  Otherwise separate DAC all the way.  I have SACDs that are the best sound available on my system (e.g. Norah Jones "Come Away With Me") but inferior recording/mixing kills the difference from regular CDs.