CDP or DAC with high end volume control

Hi Guys,

I was wondering what you guys think would be a good choice for CDP or DAC for an all digital setup? I want to run without a dedicated preamp (straight into amp with volume control). I know most people here would say a dedicated preamp would sound best though. What I'm looking for is a CDP or DAC that has a volume control that can "drive" an amp similar to an active preamp. One which has the sound quality to rival a very high quality dedicated preamp.

A couple that I've been looking into are the Vitus RD-100, Aesthetix Pandora/Romulus Signature, and Ayon Stealth or Stratos DAC (or current, Ayon top of the line CDP). Any others? Pros/Cons in terms of sound, especially when connected directly to an amp sans preamp? I have not heard any of these components yet either. I'm looking to build a list of possible components to try out. My price range is probably about 10k used.

Solid state or Tube is OK, as long as the sound is quick, natural, maybe slightly on the warm side of neutral is OK. Holographic 3D soundstage with good layering is important. USB input or DSD support is not that important, but a welcome feature for a modern product. I use mostly redbook.

The rest of my system consists of Berning Quad Z tube amps, and Nola Baby Grand Ref 2 speakers.

I think this is my first post. I'm a long time reader of these forums, and buyer/seller of equipment here. I'm starting to research for a purchase a lot further in the future.

Thanks for all of your help!